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Dream On!

All eyes are glued to the television.  The days, and unfortunately the nights, are spent watching the first big tournament of the year.  The Australian Open is always the favorite in our household, it marks the beginning of the season and warms the cold January evenings with the hopes for the upcoming tennis season.  My […]

Maria Sharapova didn’t expect fans to go banaza over haircut prank

Take a moment to watch the video and get a good giggle. It is very enjoyable to see the lighter side of the professionals. It also serves as a good reminder to all of us to not take ourselves so seriously. Thanks sport50. I got a good laugh from this.

Where the American Tennis Players are Making Their Living.

There is always so much talk about why the USA has so few players in the top 100 world tennis rankings.  We are constantly criticizing our youth development programs, trying to figure out why the Americans aren’t as successful as perhaps the Spaniards.  I don’t think the question is that hard to answer.  Just ask […]

Professional Tennis Players Behaving Badly

I came across this article today from Tennis Mental Edge about controlling our temper on the court. It includes three must see videos of the Pro’s behaving badly.  After watching them you may realize that your “bad behavior“ on the court really is not that bad. Racket breaking has never been a problem in our household but when my […]

Sony Ericson Sees the Return of Two Inspirational Women

The Sony Ericson 2012 sees the return of both Venus Williams and  Alisa Kleybanova after taking time off for serious medical conditions.  Venus Williams announced last year that she was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called Sjogren’s syndrome, which causes joint paint and fatigue.  Kleybanova, left the tennis scene for 10 months to be treated for […]

A New American Tennis God?

Congratulations to John Isner!  A fantastic win over Novac Djokovic at Indian Wells. Isner has now beaten the first and third world ranked tennis player this year.  Perhaps the question of where are the American Tennis Players has just been answered.  Maybe this will be the year an American wins a Grand Slam! Here’s Hoping! For more on […]

From Dubai

The question remains, can anyone beat Novac Djokovic who is on a 15-match winning streak in the ATP World Tour 500 tournament? This tennis fan is hoping the answer is yes and I’m praying that Roger Federer is the one to take him down. Note that I said hope and praying, I’m not willing to put any […]


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